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7213Potential Demo at DucKon (June 2)

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  • James McAdams
    Apr 3, 2012
      The DucKon science fiction convention is interested in having the
      SCA do a demonstration. It would either be Saturday (pretty much
      anytime between 9 and 4), or Sunday before 2. We can run for as little
      as an hour, or as long as we like.
      The big 'gotcha' is that due to space limitations, we'd have to be
      outside - so it's weather dependant. I'm checking to see if we'd be
      permitted to put up a pavillion if anyone wants to do that.
      Participants would get a 'part-day' badge, so they could look
      around the convention in exchange for doing the demo.

      Who is interested and available? What questions & concerns does
      anyone have? Please let me know, we need a go/no-go by April 15 to get
      listed on all the printed schedules.

      In service,
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