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7208Midlands Pilgrim's Challenge

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  • Caitriona MacDhonnachaidh
    Apr 2, 2012
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      Greetings to all Vassals and Nobles, Peers of the Realm, Artisans, Servants and Warriors of every stripe, yay verily each and every soul who calls her or himself "Midlander" from Caitriona MacDhonnachaidh, Midlands Regional Seneschal.

      Tourney season is upon us.  The blossoms are upon the trees and the flowers burst from the very soil upon which we tread.  It is a time of travel and of friendships, preparation for Wars and great camaraderie.  It is a time to make pilgrimage.  Journeying betwixt and between the shires and baronies of this region and more.  It is most certainly a time for adventures and the telling of tales around the campfires of the evenings.

      Opportunity abounds!  Let us support the festivities and efforts of the shires and baronies of these lands.  And so I set before you a Quest!

      Here's the rules:  Collect from now until 1/1/2013, and bring me site tokens or event programs from 6 different events.  Two from "north Midlands", two from "Central Midlands" and two from "South Midlands", and/or two from Kingdom Level or Known World Events.  Those who do such a thing will be awarded a token by my own hand and join the Roll of Midlands Pilgrims to be presented to the populace  at 12th Night in TGS.  Tales of your adventures will be well and truly appreciated at feasts, bardic circles and campfires throughout the region.  Chronicle your adventures!  Learn something on each journey.  Share your knowledge!

      North Midlands:  The Baronial lands and cantons of Carraig Ban and Ayreton and shires of Ravenslake, Dark River and BlackHawk.

      Central Midlands:  The Baronial Lands and cantons of Illiton, and shires of Wurm Wald,  Baile na Scolairi

      Southern Midlands: The Baronial Lands of Shattered Crystal and the Shire of Swordcliff and College of St. Carol on the Moor and those groups what may sprout up south of Swordcliff.

      In Your Service,
      Caitriona MacDhonnachaidh