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7196Green and Blue Fashion Show Reminder

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  • vrayhill
    Mar 27, 2012
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      Ladies and Gentlemen, there is less than 3 weeks left! You can do it!

      At Grey Gargoyle's Stone Dog Inn event on April 14, there will be a fashion show. Winners will be chosen by either by Baron/Baroness's choice, populace ballot, applause-o-meter, or a combination of all 3. Prizes to be determined. This challenge is just for fun, and for a chance to take your Project down our Runway.

      Here are the rules:

      1. Garb can be from any culture as long as it fits into our SCA timeframe of 600-1600.
      2. Garb should be primarily blue and green. White stars are encouraged.
      3. You must wear the outfit in the fashion show.
      4. In order for the emcee to be able to introduce you, please be able to describe what your outfit is, or tell why your persona would wear the outfit, or where it came from, etc. Be prepared to write on a 3 X 5 index card a description of your outfit. It can be serious or silly--be creative! :)

      Here are the NOT RULES:

      1. You DO NOT have to provide documentation.
      2. You DO NOT have to hand sew it.
      3. Garb DOES NOT HAVE TO BE NEW. You can mix and match the green and blue garb and accessories you already have to make up an outfit.
      4. This is NOT an A&S display, it's just for FUN and FASHION.

      So let's hear it for the Green, Blue, and White and show off your finest fashions at the Stone Dog Inn!

      If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me off list.

      Dame Jocelyn of Lutterworth