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  • Sarafina Sinclair
    Mar 6, 2012

      Today's Topics:

        2. Potential New Peerage Exploratory Committee (ea@...)


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      The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is seeking candidates for the position of Society Exchequer. This position reports to the SCA Corporate Treasurer.
      Duties and responsibilities:
      1) Compile the Society and its subsidiaries Domesday reports, grouped by state and kingdom, with depreciation breakout, and submission of these reports to the Corporate Treasurer and the SCA Tax Accountant;
      2) Maintain the Kingdom domesday report template spreadsheets and distribute them each year to the Kingdom Exchequers;
      3) Track NMS fees;
      4) Review quarterly reports on kingdom-level accounts;
      5) Review kingdom and inter-kingdom financial policies to make sure they are in compliance with the Society Financial Policy and to submit revised financial policies to the Board of Directors for approval.
      6) Review Inter-kingdom Event Financial Policies and submit to the Corporate Treasurer and the Board for approval;
      7) Report quarterly to the Corporate Treasurer and the Board of Directors and report the meeting results to the Kingdom Exchequers;
      8) Travel as required to support Kingdom Exchequers, including for training, book reviews, and theft investigations;
      9) Conduct supplemental training of Kingdom Exchequers and assist training of local exchequers;
      10) Conduct reviews of Kingdom books and ensure Kingdoms are reporting;
      11) Maintain the Kingdom Exchequer email list;
      12) Maintain the SCA-Exchequer email list;
      13) Notify Kingdom Exchequers of any changes in policy or procedure, including consulting with them to develop any necessary new policies;
      14) Maintain the various exchequer handbooks/manuals and republish them at least every three years;
      15) Maintain the various exchequer reporting forms and update them as needed;
      16) Serve as subject matter expert for questions from the Kingdom Exchequers as well as the general populace;
      17) Warrant Kingdom Exchequers and special deputies; and
      18) Communicate with banks where necessary.

      The Society Exchequer receives a stipend for their services and will receive a 1099 for tax purposes. Work load will vary but expect to put in an average of 15 hours per week.

      Required for this position are: dependable email access; dependable phone access; moderate Microsoft Excel proficiency; moderate Microsoft Word proficiency; and the ability to clearly communicate verbally and in writing, i.e. in person and via email, phone, and in written reports. Prior experience as an exchequer in the SCA is required; prior Kingdom Exchequer experience is highly desired. Working knowledge of SCA?s accounting procedures is necessary. Individuals with accounting backgrounds or training are highly desired.

      Those interested in the position of Society Exchequer should submit their SCA and modern era resumes to [mailto:resumes@...] resumes@... and [mailto:treasurer@...] treasurer@... by July 1, 2012, with a hard copy sent to the Corporate Office in Milpitas.

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      Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2012 11:09:15 -0500 (EST)
      From: ea@...
      Subject: [Announcements] Potential New Peerage Exploratory Committee
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      Potential New Peerage Exploratory Committee

      Based on input from the Census results, as well as an examination of the breadth and depth of participation across the Known World and the unique subculture, ethos, and goals it has developed within the Society, the Board of Directors intends to explore the possibility of creating a new peerage to recognize as peers those participants who meet the general requirements for a patent of arms and who demonstrate prowess in Rapier / Cut and Thrust Combat. As this would potentially be the first additional peerage for the SCA in many decades, input and feedback from the Known World throughout the exploratory process is essential.

      The SCA?s Board of Directors is seeking individuals interested in participating in an Exploratory Committee focused on developing a set of options for potential implementation of a new peerage for Rapier Combat and/or Cut and Thrust Combat. This committee would be responsible for developing sets of recommendations for heraldry, regalia, corpora changes and identifying and addressing associated issues around creating and implementing such a peerage, and would consist of representatives of the following categories:
      ? One recognized Rapier Fencer or Rapier Fencing Official
      ? One recognized C&T Fencer or C&T Fencing Official
      ? One Fencing Laurel (recognized for Fence)
      ? One Fencing Pelican (recognized for Fence)
      ? One Fencing Knight/Master at Arms
      ? Two Heralds
      ? One Non-Fencing Pelican
      ? One Non-Fencing Laurel
      ? One Non-Fencing Knight/Master at Arms
      ? One Lady of the Rose
      ? One expert in Corpora (e.g., Seneschal)
      ? One SCA Archivist or Historian

      Please submit Letters of Intent by July 1st, 2012 and identify to which of the above categories you are specifically applying. Those individuals who have expressed interest already via the Comments email address or the Directors email address will be considered.
      Hard copies of resumes (both professional and SCA related, including offices held and honors) must be sent to the attention of The Board of Directors, SCA, Inc., P.O. Box 360789, Milpitas, CA 95036-0789. Electronic courtesy copies should also be sent to [mailto:peerageexploratorycommittee@...] peerageexploratorycommittee@... and resumes@....

      The exploration into a new stand-alone Peerage for Rapier / Cut and Thrust is driven not only by what the Board of Directors perceives to be a very high level of support across the organization, but also because it expresses a defined and specific culture that is unique and separate from chivalric armoured combat, other martial arts, and the unique and separate cultures of the Arts and Sciences and Service communities.

      The results of this Exploratory Committee, along with comments from the populace about those results, will then be reviewed by a much larger and more representative Review Committee. The Review Committee will be established later by the Board of Directors and will be comprised of representatives selected by the relevant groups and organizations within and across the Society (e.g., the Kingdoms, Peerages, Heralds, Seneschals, Grand Council, Rapier Fencing Community, and C&T Fencing Community) as a final input into the process. The Board will be working with those organizations to request their nominees following the formation of the Exploratory Committee. The Board welcomes all commentary throughout this exploratory process from the populace at large. Please send commentary to [mailto:Comments@...] Comments@... and include Potential New Peerage in the subject line.
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      Comments are strongly encouraged and can be sent to:
      SCA Inc.
      Box 360789
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      You may also email comments@....
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