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7115Re: [Ayreton] Reminder: Marshal's Reports Due on March 1st

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  • Willie
    Feb 24, 2012
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      Marshals of the field only have to report at domesday. Any other time it's just a voluntary courtesy.


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      To be a warranted marshal you should be reporting even if it is to say I haven't participated in any activities this quarter but here's my contact info...I still want to be considered a warranted marshal.

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      Are you sure about marshals of the field?
      Or is that a Armoured only requirement?


      From: Terry <Scribesquire@...>
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      Subject: [Ayreton] Reminder: Marshal's Reports Due on March 1st


      This is a reminder to all marshals (cantons, baronial, or of the field) that quarterly reports are due March 1st.

      All canton/marshals of the field reports go to the Midlands Regional Marshal - Albert the Artesian called Aleator

      AND the baronial marshal - Lord Gareth Ostwestly

      The baronial report cannot be done until all the canton reports are received so it is very important for the canton marshal's to send thier reports on time to Lord Gareth.

      thank you

      Baron Ayreton

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