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71Tribune Reporter is coming to Grey Gargoyles

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  • David Roland
    May 18, 2006
      The reporter is said to be coming this Sunday May 21st. We are of
      course asking that anyone who would like to come and help to please
      do so. While this is not an official demo we greatly appreciate all
      the help we can get.

      We most certainly want to put our best foot forward. The Chicago
      Tribune in not only a Chicago wide newspaper but it is known and read
      world wide. So if the Tribune chooses to publish the reporter's
      story it could very easily have a positive affect for the SCA in
      general as well each of own areas.

      One of the things we need to remember is that we are, "normal,"
      people with a REALLY COOL hobby.

      Please come with anything and everything you can that will show off
      the SCA to be as COOL as it really is. Lord Tedesco's requests are
      perfect. Come in your best. Bring awards, A&S projects finished or
      in the works.

      If you think you will be wanting or needing Gold Key simply let me
      know. If you have any questions or concerns at all pleaes feel free
      to contact me for those as well. My e-mail address is Mystborne AT
      yahoo DOT com. If you want to reach me by phone please call me at
      775-771-0193. My contact information is on the Grey Gargoyles
      Website as the Chatelaine. I do plan to be at an event this Saturday
      day so I would return phone calls from that day Saturday evening.

      Thank you everyone for your interest in this as well as any help you
      give. Please let everyone know about this as not everyone in the
      Ayreton Area is on this list.

      Yours in Service
      Lord Ian the Green
      Chatelaine - Shire of Grey Gargoyles