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7062Classes and tentative schedule for SCRIBAL DAY OF PLAY, Sunday March 4

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  • Jill Elaine Hughes
    Feb 13, 2012
      Come one, come all to THE SCRIBAL DAY OF PLAY hosted by the Canton of Vanished Wood (Barony of Ayreton) within the territory of our friendly neighbor The Barony of Carriag Ban. This is an event dedicated to the scribal arts.  Scribes of all ages (even beginners) encouraged and welcomed! Non-scribes are also welcome to hang out!
      Also, please note that I, the co-Autocrat/Class Coordinator, Lady Mariza de la Courete, am no longer able to attend the event due to a family emergency. I am continuing to do all pre-event planning/coordination for the scribal activities, but I need someone to take over teaching an introductory calligraphy class (for rank beginners) since I will not be on-site.  We've had a lot of requests for that class so if anyone wants to take that on (or teach another class) please email me at jillhughes2@...
      Event Site:
      1435 Summit Street, Elgin IL 60120, Kathy Freeman Center for Exceptional Care/Little Angels
      Classes And Activities Scheduled So Far for SCRIBAL DAY OF PLAY:
      Sunday, March 4, 2012
      Open Scribal “Play” Table (ALL DAY!), Facilitated by Mistress Bianca Rosamund, OL. Loaner supplies and books will be available for beginners to borrow.
      SCRIBAL MERCHANT AREA: Scribal Supplies as sold by Mistress Ellen of the Scholars, OL. Mistress Ellen will also be demoing scribal skills and answering questions at her merchant booth. We will also have materials (and hopefully, coupons!) from calligraphy/art supply vendors like Dick Blick and John Neal, Bookseller.
      LUNCH: A homemade lunch will be available for purchase.  Smell pasties baking while you make scrolls!
      THis event is FREE! Though donations to Little Angels, the host facility, are much appreciated.
      TENTATIVE CLASS SCHEDULE: (Subject to change!)
      10:00 am Decorative initials of insular majuscule, the text pages of the Book of Kells.
      Taught by Lady Kara Atladottir
      1:00 pm Personalizing award scrolls for the recipient.
      Taught by THL Hillary of Langford
      More classes welcome! Submit your class info to Lady Mariza at jillhughes2@...

      Co-autocrat Lady Mariza de la Courete had originally planned to teach this, but a family emergency is preventing her from actually being at the event.  Is there anyone else out there willing to teach such a class? We have had many requests from beginners for a class of this type.
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