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706Re: [Ayreton] Looking for Archery Group near Chicago

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  • MacGregorsCairn@aol.com
    Mar 16, 2007
      Geez, guess I'm really not feeling that well...

      Our regular practices are on Sundays (not saturdays) from about 1 to 4 pm.


      Greetings Lady Eleanor,

      Archery is comparatively less expensive than many of the other activities you could choose to take up in the SCA, however, you get what you pay for. It seems in my checking over the last year that prices have gone up quite a bit from what Xavier remembers of a few years back.

      A new professionally made bow (I shoot Martin's exclusively) will start at about $200 and go up to $500 depending on how much you're willing to spend. If this is something new for you that you're unsure of, ask around. There are a number of folks who have made self-bows (hand-made, wooden bows) that may be willing to part with them or you may find a decent second hand bow from someone who has decided to upgrade to a better (usually, but not always) model. Check around. If you decide to go with a production model there are folks who will help you pick one out in your price range as well. But do keep in mind to check on the experience of any made by an individual from second-hand sources.

      Arrows have gone up dramatically. You may be able to find arrows for $50 or less but chances are they will be carbon or aluminum. SCA wants folks to shoot wood shafts. I make arrows for folks and the cheapest shafts i can find run about half that cost already, not including fletching points glue or the tools required. My shafts are $85/doz but are fully crested and fletched for your heraldic colors. Don't get me wrong, they're not really cheap and I understand people needing to do this hobby on the cheap so the better investment is a good bow that you like. my arrows are just an extra bit of color. All the same, I think you'll still spend over $50 on arrows.

      Other than that, all you really need is a glove. Arms guards (IMHO) are for folks with bad form. A Glove will run about $15 so you're going to spend a minimum of $250 without compromising too much quality and some time looking for things.

      On a lighter note, most groups have loaner arrows and some have bows for others use, so don't be disappointed! Usually, just show up to a practice and borrow gear until you can afford everything you need.

      Our practices in Foxlake area should be starting up soon with the weather now turning nicer. They are every saturday (weather and event dependant) and we try to keep the web-site updated from week to week. We do have plenty of arrows for use but at the moment do not have any shire owned bows. Most folks are willing to loan their bows to folks as well. This is a good way to get started.

      Hope this helps.

      A&S Faire Steward for Ayretonfest
      Ravenslake Field Archery Marshall

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