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7018Re: [Ayreton] Fundraiser

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  • D'vorah bint al-Attar
    Feb 5, 2012
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      On 5 Feb 2012, at 10:56 PM, V. Townsend wrote:

      > Sarafina,
      > In response to this current fiscal crisis and your announcement that there will be a fund raiser at the April event I would like to pledge $100 to seed this project.
      > In addition, I challenge each member of this Barony to pledge and give as each is financially capable. Even if it is just $1.00, it will be a help and will show the rest of the Kingdom our mettle.
      > Your servant,
      > Duke Dagan

      Are there plans for other methods of fund-raising as well? I honestly don't even have a spare dollar right now (don't ask, but there are two family-mandated plane trips this year when normally we travel about once every other year at most), but I did think of one thing I could do.

      I remember when two families' homes were fire damaged in the recent past, and people came together to auction off goods and services as a benefit for them. It won't help us get the funds up within the 10 days, but if anyone is up to planning that kind of event, it could potentially help us restock our coffers going forward. Towards that end, I have a few pottery items that I haven't sold, from just before my elbows tendered their resignation from ceramic work. If such an auction is done, I'd like to donate them to the cause. Just one thought, and I'm sure that there are many other ideas floating around, but I thought I'd put this in there.
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