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7014Practice this Sunday

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  • mickel14@msu.edu
    Feb 2, 2012
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      Unto the fighters of the barony, I give greetings.

      Yes, there WILL be practice on Superbowl Sunday. I can't promise that
      we will have a laptop with the game on it as we have in past years,
      but I can promise fun and fights.

      Are there any fencers who would be willing to show up on Sunday?
      There have been students off and on who have been interesting in
      fencing, and all I can tell them is that sometimes fencers do come. I
      don't know if any students will be there this week, but it would be
      useful to know when, if ever, the fencers will be coming out to play.

      in service,
      -Susanna the Short
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