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7009A little Note about the Winter Challenge

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  • Verena Entenwirt
    Feb 2, 2012
      Well last night the Ayreton Archers had a fantastic night shooting. We
      also ran a winter challenge in order to prepare outselves for Better
      War Through Archery this weekend.

      So far this year, we currently have 12 people from Ayreton who have
      shot the challenge. This includes 3 new people who did not shoot the
      challenge last year.

      Last year we had 19 people shoot the Challenge, and the average score
      for Ayreton was 72. This was out of 284 archers who took part ( 50
      from the Middle Kingdom) with an average score of 83.732 (including

      This challenge we currently have 12 people, and the average score for
      Ayreton is 82! This is out of 109* archers who took part (38 from the
      Middle Kingdom- 8 from Sternfield) with an average score of 81.614*
      (including crossbow)

      However, there are 11 people who shot last year, who have not shot
      yet. If you have not shot the Winter Challenge yet, please do so! Come
      on out on a Weds. we promise we are a friendly bunch.

      * The grand number and averages do not include the Ayreton scores from
      last night, though the Ayreton Average score does.

      Please check out http://web.raex.com/~obsidian/wint.html for more information

      Verena Entenwirth
      Give me your unclothed, your unfed, your sober masses