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70Re: [Ayreton] Fwd: Practice Sunday

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  • Christopher Todesco
    May 18, 2006
      This is going to be a great recruitment opportunity for all Ayreton SCA branches.  Please bring contact information for your local branch so the reporter can include it for each shire.  Also anyone with banners, fancy garb, pavilions that are easy to set up, shiny arms/armor, and especially A&S projects please bring them so the reporter doesn't get the impression that we're only fighting--because you KNOW how reporters can easily focus on one detail and ignore everything else.  I will be showing up early (around 1pm) to get some things set up. 

      PLEASE WEAR GARB!  I'd hate to have a picture of a great medieval society in the paper with a bunch of us standing around in t-shirts and jeans.  If you don't have garb, show up early w/ me and we'll break out the goldkey.  I'll also be bringing 3 or 4 pieces of garb I have for people to borrow.

      ~Tedesco da Venezia~

      "Donnchadh ete Bithere" <duncanthemonster@...> wrote:

      Hiya folks...just a call for folks to show at Practice at Grey
      Gargoyles on this Sunday if at all possible. We seem to have
      attracted the attention of the Tribune, and they will be sending a
      Photographer and reporter out to do a blurb on us. I know there are
      some good events that weekend, what with Chaos Caravan and Nissans
      War...but I still hope a good number of folks are going to show.

      In brief, if you can come, come ready to smile for the birdie!!

      In Service,
      Duncan the Monster.

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