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  • Neal Sherry
    Jan 25, 2012

      Hey Armored Fighters:


      I’d like to ask you to take a minute to think about all the Marshals that work at every event and practice you go to. Remember that without those marshals there, you could not have become an authorized fighter. You also wouldn’t have tournaments and melee scenarios at events and regional practices all year round. These folks volunteer to help make you’re SCA experience more fun. We can all help out so the burden of marshaling is spread out over the whole fighting community. You can help your friends get their last few authorizations, speed up armor inspections at an event so we can get to the fighting, and help authorize new people so we have more people to play with. They say “many hands make light work”, so let’s all do our part.


      Our Regional Marshal, Aleator, will be at Maidens this weekend. If you have considered beginning the Marshal in Training process now is a good time to talk to him about it.


      Dru Vladescu

      Ayreton Armored Champion