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698Re: [Ayreton] (Todesco) Reservation for Ayreton Event

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  • rdpierce@pobox.com
    Mar 15, 2007
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      "TH Lady Arrienne Ashford" said:

      >I have sent my check for the Ayreton event feast and site
      >reservation on Feb. 26th to you since I didn't see an address for


      >Could you confirm that you have received my check? If not, could I
      >still be put down as having reserved for feast since there isn't
      >time for the US Mail to get you a check if I send it today? I was
      >going to send another check if I had heard from you to send it to
      >another address or that you hadn't received it.

      While I'm not Todesco, I have been in contact with him about the Ayreton

      If you sent the check a while ago, it probably was made out to
      Grey Gargoyles. We have had a recent change; Rokkehealden is now
      handling the money for the event. Checks should now be payable
      to "SCA, Inc. / The Shire of Rokkehealden." If you've already sent
      in a check made out to Gargoyles, then your reservation will be
      held, but you'll need to re-issue the check at Troll.

      In service,

      Ryan Mackenzie
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