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6974Tavern thanks!

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  • Jen Small
    Jan 16, 2012
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      I just wanted to say thank you to EVERYONE who helped make the four tavern meals such a success at Twelfth Night.  We delivered four delicious meals, and had a successful experiment with an all-Tavern Twelfth Night!  

      Firstly, thank you to our four head cooks:

      Bojei Timur - who created a 14th century Dim Sum feast for lunch
      Tacit Darby - who recreated a 16th Dutch sideboard for lunch
      Kara Atladottir - who prepared a sumptuous period Italian pasta feast for dinner
      Annalisa Peri da Novellara - who delivered a crepe feast inspired by French country food

      These wonderful people delivered all of the food on time, at the right temperature, and made it delicious.  They also managed their staff and shared kitchen space with each other in a gracious and generous manner.  Way to go!

      I know that the head cooks for each tavern have the specific lists of the people who helped prep and serve each tavern, but I will say a few thanks overall...

      Thank you to the exchequers and folks who helped to run our cash boxes 4 times during the day - including Xavier, Juliana, the lady called Jeff, Francesca, and others.
      Thank you to the volunteers from Carraig Ban who helped to expedite and support the lunch taverns!
      Thank you to Lord Aaron, Megan and her lord, and all the others who helped expedite and clean up during and after dinner.

      And a special thank you to Fern and Hal for wrangling the TGS equipment.

      More thanks to come!

      Yours in service,

      Gianetta Andreini da Vicenza
      Tavern Coordinator