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6887a note from the Baron and Baroness of the White Waters

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  • nadezda_zezastrizl
    Dec 8, 2011
      I just wanted to pass along this sweet note for the benefit of those who attended last weekend's toys' for Tots event down in White Waters:

      Unto Their Excellencies Andelcrag, Ayreton, and Sternfeld do Thomas and Zafirah, Baron and Baroness of the White Waters, send Season's Greetings:

      Noble Cousins,

      It is with joyous and deeply humbled hearts that we thank you for your generosity in our St. Nicholas Tournament. We know that our distress was noted with limited time to respond, but due to the kindness of your populations we were able to better than double our donation to the Marines. This is an amazing feat considering it was done in two weeks, and that included Thanksgiving and a snow/ice storm in some of our areas. Attendance was minimal, but we were up against a couple of well known events that overlap our day trippable radius. Overall the attendees had fun, and I have already overheard talk of people wanting to start collecting toys for next year. Master Niko Me won our Archery shoot and came in second to Lord AElfwyn (not sure of spelling or proper title) in the Rapier Tournament. Sir Lucien took home the Armored Combat Sword, and gave a moving speech on it's significance and the honor that it was to win it. The Marines present look forward to volunteering to draw the duty for our event next year, as one of them told me "It is evident to me that your organization values the Toys Program as much as we do. We'd rather come here than an event highly covered by the media as it becomes all about getting TV time instead of the Toys for the Kids."

      If there is ever anything we can do to assist you do not hesitate to ask. We will do all in our power to rally our Barony to return such generosity.

      Exsisto Praeclarus ut Invicem
      Freiherr Thomas der Kreuzfahrer
      Baroness Zafirah of the White Waters