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6881Re: [vanished_wood] Award Recommendations for Twelfth Night

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  • Jill Elaine Hughes
    Dec 1, 2011
      Just to echo Herr Alexander's email below, PLEASE DO SUBMIT your award recommendations for Twelfth Night by the end of this weekend!  Anyone can recommend anyone for anything!, even peerages!  (No restrictions!) If you don't know how to do a recommendation , email me and I will walk you through the process.  I can also help explain what award(s) might be appropriate if you aren't sure which one to recommend.
      Mariza de la Courete
      Vanished Wood Pursuiviant
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      Sent: Thursday, December 1, 2011 5:26 PM
      Subject: [vanished_wood] Award Recommendations for Twelfth Night
      Greetings from your friendly neighborhood spider...er, Baronial Pursuivant,
      This is your final reminder, from me anyway, that there will be a Regency Court, held by Their Royal Highnessess, at Tree-girt-sea Twelfth Night next month.
      Now is the time to get on the Midrealm award recommendation website to make your recommendations.
      If you wait much longer then this weekend you will find it less likely the award is given. You may still be able to get it in after that point, but with the holidays it will be virtually impossible for the scribes to make it happen.
      So please get your recommendations in right away, for the recipients and the scribes sake.
      Just remember, anyone can recommend anyone for any award. You need not possess that award, or indeed any award, to make a recommendation.
      The recommendations are the only way that crown knows who to acknowledge in most cases, so you must act.
      Thank you for your attention,
      Herr Alexander Adelbrecht von Markelingen
      Baronial Pursuivant Ayreton
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