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  • ladyscribe07
    Mar 9, 2007
      Dear Elen,

      I tried to respond to you and my computer stopped me. So I am trying
      this way. Are you near any CTA stops or anything like that? If you
      are which one and I can go that way. And yes, I accept your offer.
      As for feast, I probably will not be staying for that. I can find my
      own way home, no problem. Just need to get there. Or a Metra too.
      whichever is closest to you. If you change your mind and decide not
      to stay, you can simply drop me off at the Metra train on your way
      home. Call me at work during the day if you get this at
      (312) 787-5533 and then I will give you my cell and home number just
      in case.

      Thanks for your help!