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6823RUM - Scribal Workshop - A series of classes

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  • Ian Green
    Nov 11, 2011
      Ever wonder where the RUM has gone? Well on November 12, 2011 it will be in the Barony of Sternfeld. RUM is the Royal University of the Midrealm for those outside this Draconic Kingdom. It will be held at:

      Hall Civic
      5955 W Hurt Road
      Monrovia, IN 46157


      The schedule: http://www.midrealm.org/rum/schedule.html

      You may have noticed that the schedule says that there is a 3 hour long scribal workshop. This workshop starts at 1pm and goes until 3:55pm.

      The first hour will be a class on Insular Majuscule aka Irish Uncial (the stuff you see at Irish pubs.) Bring your pens, ink, and maybe some paper. Class is taught by Ian the Green.

      The second hour of the scribal workshop will be dealing with layout and how to use the "Golden Ratio," to set up your artwork. Don't worry we won't be doing any math at all. Instead we will be showing you the visual easy way to work with it. Bring a straight edge that will go from one corner to opposite corner of a sheet of paper. Class is taught by Mistress Jocelyn of Lutterworth and Ian the Green.

      The last hour of the scribal workshop will be on doing illumination. Bring some paint and paint brushes tough some may be provided having your own is always a good idea. Class is taught by Mistress Jocelyn of Lutterworth.

      After the workshop in the same room there will be a workshop demonstration on finishing up parchment. This is being done by the Calf to Codex Project. When we did the final weekend of the parchment making one skin wasn't completely finished. So, we will be setting up the skin in its frame and scraping, pumicing and sanding it down. Workshop being done by Master Johannes and Ian the Green

      Yours In Service,

      Lord Ian the Green