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6775Baronial Retainers

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  • Ashton G.A Schoeffler-Miller
    Oct 12, 2011


      I am putting together a list of persons interested in serving as retainers to their Exellencies at various local events. The next event I am looking to staff will be 'all souls'.

      The primary duty will be to attend Their Excellencies during baronial courts and occasionally they may have need of additional shifts, though none are currently planned.

      You need not have experience, just an interest in being part of the ceremony and pageantry of the society. You also don't have to have any award to serve.

      If you are interested in being a part of the experience, simply contact me privately and we can arrange it.

      In service to the dream,
      Herr Alexander Adelbrecht von Markelingen
      Baronial Pursuivant Ayreton

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