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  • kateslists@comcast.net
    Oct 11, 2011
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      I just got an email from the David Brown Book Company  http://www.oxbowbooks.com/home.cfm 

      They've got a lot of cool new books (more on those) and a couple of my Mongolian research books. 
      I also found a lot of cool books in the sale flyers.  There’s a 16th century account of Venetian who went to a Persian court for $15.  There’s a lot of Ottoman stuff including embroidery ($30), architecture of houses ($15), and a catalogue from an exhibit from the Topkapi museum ($8).  There’s a book on Islamic glass for $20 (Hi Wolf.)  For $10 you can get an exhibit catalogue of Egyptian textiles from the bystantine period.  For $10 there’s a book on Coptic Textiles.  There’s two books on bows found in Tut’ankhamun’s tomb.  There’s a few books of silk brocades.  And lets not even talk about the cookbooks……


      Anyway, the original email I got was on textile books.  Someone you know may want one of these:



      ·         Moda a Firenze 1540-1580: Cosimo I de Medici's Style by Roberta Orsi-Landini  Roberta Orsi Landini uses material from the Florentine state archives to reconstruct Cosimo I de Medici's wardrobe, continuing her earlier work on Eleonora di Toledo. Cosimo consciously constructed his public and official image, and Orsi Landini follows his stylistic evolution over his thirty-year reign, including colors, materials and decorations. The author also examines manufacturing, especially silk producers, while a final chapter is ... US$99.00

      ·         Moda a Firenze 1540-1580: Lo Stile di Eleonora di Toledo e la sua influenza  by Roberta Orsi Landini and Bruna Niccoli  Italian and English texts, including: Eleonora di Toledo: Duchess of Tuscany in history and legend; Eleonora's style; Costume in the Medici ceremonies; The clothes that have survived; The individual garments; Tailors and embroiderers; Florentine textile production; The wardrobe of Eleonora di Toledo. 252p, 120 plates, mostly in color (Edizioni Polistampa 2005, reprinting 2007)  Hardback. US$120.00 , US$95.00

      ·         The Inventory of King Henry VIII: Textiles and Dress edited by Maria Hayward and Philip Ward  The Inventory is not only a catalogue of magnificence but also a key text for evaluating the successes and failures of the Tudor monarchy. Henry VIII had extravagant ideas of image and authority and loved his possessions, amongst which where over 2,000 pieces of tapestry, 2,028 items of gold and silver plate and 41 growns. Although he left the country with heavy debts and an empty exchequer, he was far from bankrupting the monarchy as some ...  Hardback. US$203.00 , US$162.00

      ·         The Medieval Broadcloth: Changing Trends in Fashions, Manufacturing and Consumption  edited by Kathrine Vestergard Pedersen and Marie-Louise B. Nosch The eight papers presented here provide a useful introduction to medieval broadcloth, and an up-to-date synthesis of current research. The word broadcloth is nowadays used as an overall term for the woven textiles mass-produced and exported all over Europe. It was first produced in Flanders as a luxurious cloth from the 11th century and throughout the medieval period. Broadcloth is the English term; it is Laken in Flemish, ... Paperback. US$50.00 , US$30.00

      ·         War and Worship: Textiles from 3rd to 4th-century AD Weapon Deposits in Denmark and Northern Germany by Susan Möller-Wiering War and Worship concerns textile deposits from the bog sites of Thorsberg in Germany and Nydam, Vimose and Illerup Ådal in Denmark. All four sites are well-known for containing a substantial amount of archaeological materials, particularly weapons, but they also contain, as integral parts of the weapon deposits, a smaller number of preserved textiles, which nevertheless constitute outstanding assemblages. With the exception of ... Hardback. US$60.00 , US$40.00

      ·         Frühbyzantinische textile Kopfbedeckungen: Typologie, Verbreitung, Chronologie und soziologischer Kontext nach Originalfunden by Petra Linscheid English summary: The analysis of archaeological textiles in order to write their ancient cultural history is still in its infancy. This study contributes to this process by cataloging more than 600 original pieces of headwear from the late Roman and early Byzantine periods, and evaluates them in terms of their location, date, sociological context, visual and written sources, as well as their precursors and successors. The majority of the ... Hardback. US$168.00 , US$135.00

      ·       Koptische Textilien: Bestandskatalog der Archäologischen Staatssammlung München by Dorothee Renner-Volbach, contributions by Erika Simon English summary: This 38th volume in the series "Ausstellungskataloge der Archäologischen Staatssammlung" covers a small but instructive collection of textiles embroidered with decorative patterns or crimson tapestries from late antique-Coptic and Byzantine-Islamic Egypt. This small collection came into the possession of the museum during the last third of the last century. As with the majority of the remaining stock of Coptic ... Hardback. US$23.00 , US$18.00

      ·       Dress in Anglo-Saxon England by Gale R Owen-Crocker A vivid and detailed reconstruction of the costume worn in England before the arrival of the Norman conquerers. 408p, 12 color illustrations, 13 b/w illustrations (Boydell & Brewer 2004).  Hardback. US$60.00 , US$24.98

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