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6725[Ayreton] Group Train to Crown - Sat. Oct. 15th

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  • Ann
    Sep 25 12:16 PM
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      (Tried to respond to sender, but it came back undeliverable.)
      Are there assigned seats on this 8:15am train from Union Station in Chicago?  Or, will the Ayreton populace be in specific train car or cars?
      'Look fwd to your reply.
      Ann : )

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      Group train tickets to Crown Tourney and Naalbinding.

      Posted by: "Verena Entenwirt" verena@...   entenwirth

      Tue Sep 20, 2011 7:22 am (PDT)

      At this Thursday's Rokkhealden Moot, and at Coronation this weekend I will
      be collecting money from anyone who wants to sit together for the Train to
      Crown Trip on October 15th. Tickets are $30 (that includes tax) and leaves
      from Union Station at 8:15, and arrives down at Champagne Urbana. It is a 20
      minute walk to site<http://maps. google.com/ maps?saddr= 1401+W+Green+ St+%23+115, +Urbana,+ IL+61801- 2956+(Illini+Union+ Hotel)&daddr= 45+E+University+ Ave,+Champaign, +IL+61820& hl=en&ll= 40.113395, -88.227553& spn=0.012242, 0.032938& sll=40.111881, -88.234346& sspn=0.024485, 0.065875& geocode=FbsEZAId S8K9-iH8peYkC3bo wCk9dNjPP9cMiDEg KdOHaqL5kw% 3BFcwdZAIdzoq9- inxztjjS9cMiDF3y 34fi8T4jA& vpsrc=6&dirflg= w&mra=pd& t=m&z=16> --
      or we can see about getting some group taxis. The return train leaves
      7:59pm and arrives back in Chicago at 10:45 pm.

      For those who don't know me, I can't sit still for 2 hours without working
      on something. Therefore in honor of The Heirs (who will be the Crown by the
      tourney), I will be naalbinding (viking knitting) on the train. I would be
      more then happy to help teach anyone either how to knit or how to naalbind
      on the trip down there, and will supply all the necessary materials and
      supplies. I will be working on either a viking hat or a pair of socks.

      If you would prefer to get your own tickets, you can do so here:
      http://www.amtrak. com/servlet/ ContentServer? pagename= Amtrak/HomePage

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