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6692A martial challenge at Harvest Celebration

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  • LOGOS vom Schnecke
    Sep 7, 2011
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      In commeration of 35 years in the Society of Creative Anachronism and 28 years as a Knight of the Society, I do hereby issue a martial challenge. On the first day of October, AS 45 in the Barony of Carraig Ban in the Middle Kingdom (Oct. 1, 2011, in DeKalb, IL) will hazard my person against any and all who would face me with weapons of rebated steel. Acceptable weapons are sword, sword and dagger, sword and buckler, rapier, rapier and dagger, and rapier and cloak. Contests will be a mutually agreed number of passes conducted within the rules governing cut and thrust and rapier combat in the Middle Kingdom. Challengers must present themselves and their consorts with the pomp and reverence due the occasion. I will award an appropriate prize for the victorious challenger and consort as determined by the officers of the Company of St. Jude.

      Signed by me this 7th day of September, A.S. 45

      LOGOS vom Schnecke, KSCA, OP, etc.