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6678Fw: [MidrealmArchery] Better War Through Archery 2012

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  • Dougale MacAlestyr
    Sep 5, 2011
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      Here we go...
      Time to prep the scouts for the invasi...I mean participation with our good Cousins of Sternfeld.
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      I am starting to think about and plan for BTWA 2012. This year, there will be team competition, so start getting your teams together. Teams will be made up of four people (mixed genders are fine!). Teams should be made up of either three bow shooters and a crossbow shooter or four bow shooters.

      I will be creating a poll to see what types of shoots might be of interest, and I will post it within the next few days. I appreciate any input, even if you are not able to attend.


      Lord Eadric of Grenfeld,
      Archery Captain, Barony of Sternfeld