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6658Upcoming Natural Dyeing Class at this weekend's MKAOD

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  • Verena Entenwirt
    Aug 31, 2011
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      Just wanted to send out a reminder that there will be a hands on 2
      Day Period and Natural Dye Workshop at this weekends MKAOD in
      Ravenslake (see website at http://www.ravenslake.org/MKAOD.html for
      more information)

      Come learn about historic period dyes, mordants, and techniques. The
      workshop will include at least 3 natural period dyes. Guaranteed dye
      items will include weld (yellow), woad (blue), madder root (red), and
      3 different period types of mordants. Workshop will run both Saturday
      and Sunday from 10-1. All supplies and handouts will be included in
      class fee and participants will leave with dyed fabric swatches and
      hanks of yarn.

      Limit of 10 people and pre-registration is encouraged. $15 per person
      for the entire workshop. Minimum of 3 people are needed to run the
      class. Participants can bring additional skeins or yardage to dye
      (cost dependent on material and dyes)

      Workshop Schedule
      Saturday 10am - 11am Tea and Talk Discuss period dyes, mordants, and
      colors over tea and breakfast
      Saturday 11am – 12 Noon Preparing the Material (Hands On) Learn how
      to clean, comb, and process the fabric and fibers for the most
      successful dyeing.
      Saturday 12Noon – 1pm Mordants, Mordants, Mordants (Hands On)
      Experience the three historically available mordants as well as
      preparing the next day’s dyes.
      Sunday 10am - 11am Dye Prep Finish prepping any remaining dyes, and
      learn about dye proportions.
      Sunday 11am – 12:30pm Dye Time Learn about water movement, even
      dyeing, and different types of dye process (hot vs cold)
      Sunday 12:30pm – 1pm Open Dye Pots and Clean Up Any remaining
      processed dye is open for participants to play with. Other dyes also
      available for dye cost.

      Information and other classes can be found here:

      For questions or to pre-register feel free to email me at verena@...

      Lady Verena Entenwirth
      Midlands Regional A&S Champion