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6655Fox Hunt VII - Doumo Arigatou!

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  • Kitsune Yamamura
    Aug 29, 2011
      Konnichiwa Populace of Ayreton!

      Another Fox Hunt has come and gone. I hope those that had a chance to attend enjoyed themselves. It may have been a quiet year, but still a successful year. And success could not have been achieved without the strength of a powerful crew. I am but one person and, with the mishaps of computer failure and loss of organizational tools, was humbly reminded of that.

      Many thanks have been given to my local Foxvale crew, but thanks are also due to many other members of our Barony.

      First and foremost, thank you to their Excellencies for attending our small village's event. Your presence is always an added pleasure.

      To our Ayreton Archangels: many thanks for your continuous efforts!

      Thank you to our Teachers: Mistress Mary Buchanan, THL Kuji Kaoni Musashi, Lord Karl Trytting, Lord Rubyn Makdonald and Lady Marie Heather Hall. It was wonderful to have had the privilege to present a block of classes that coincided with the day's theme.

      Thank you(s) to “Court and Country” for presenting a lovely afternoon concert.

      Lord Dunstan Bramblette, thank you for providing us with an afternoon of dancing.

      Thank you to Lady Birgitta, our Merchant Coordinator, and of course our Merchants. It was a quiet day but we very much appreciated your attendance!

      And thank you Lady Elianora, Lady Verena, Lady Premaleela, Lady Takaia and Katy for your assistance during lunch and feast.

      I hope I did not miss anyone but if I did, please know that I am greatly appreciative of anything that you did. As I said to my local crew, without the tasks you all took on, the gears would not turn and this machine would not run. My humble gratitude is in your hands.

      Doumo arigatou gozai-masu!
      Lady Yamamura Kitsune