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664Joint Practice Invitation

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  • Sir Ix
    Feb 25, 2007
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      Once again I would like to remind one and all that you are invited to
      join the March of Lochmorrow - Middle Kingdom - and the Shire of
      Flynthill - Calontir - at a combined practice of the two groups being
      held on Sunday March 4th from noonish until 5pm at the Horabin Hall
      Gym on the Campus of Western Illinois University in Macomb. A map is
      available at the Lochmorrow web site listed below.

      I have received confirmation that Sir Vargas, Midlands Regional
      Commander, will be coming up to run war practice during this
      gathering to help us prepare for war. We will have space for rapier
      fighters as well as the combined might of the two groups armored
      fighters. Come join us as we exchange our knowledge and enjoy each
      others company on the field.

      After practice has ended, the plan will be to gather at El Rancherito
      to enjoy the cooking of Sir Ix's people.

      Sir Ixtilixochitl
      Middle Kingdom - http://www.midrealm.org
      Midlands - http://www.themidlands.org
      House Terrae Finis - http://www.terraefinis.org
      March of Lochmorrow - http://www.lochmorrow.org
      KSCA, OP

      (Bo Ring - TriLutions - http://www.galesburg.net)