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6597Upcoming Japenese Foxhunt

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  • Verena Entenwirt
    Aug 17, 2011
      The upcoming Foxvale's Foxhunt is 16th century Japennese/Portugal
      themed with what looks like some amazing archery and a scrumptious

      Due to quite a few Ayreton Folks coming back from Pennsic, the very
      talented head cook has pushed backed the deadline for feast
      pre-registration to this Friday (yes, Friday the 19th). There are only
      50 feast seats, you don't have to pack feast gear (AWESOME) and the
      entire Japenese themed meal is only $12. The feast is being done by
      Lady Kara Atladottir, who is known for not only her yummy foxvale
      feasts but also for her recent success at Carnivale.

      Feast Menu (only $12 and you don't have to pack Feast Gear)
      Sake Sashimi -salmon tuna and rice vinegar
      Hiyayakko - chilled silken tofu with sesame seeds and toasted nori
      Yaki Gyoza- pork and cabbage filled dumplings
      Kitsune Udon -hot noodle soup fried tofu shitake kamaboko (fish cake) shrimp
      Hiyashi Udon -cold noodles cold dipping sauce with omelet spring onion
      and ginger
      Tori Dango Umeboshi -chicken meatballs with umeboshi glaze (salted
      pickled Japanese plum)
      Kyuri To Wakame No Sunomono -cucumber and wakame salad
      Namasu -daikon radish ginger and carrot quick pickles
      Kyuri Asa-zuke-wasabi infused cucumber pickles
      Seika -citrus kumquats pears peaches
      Wagashi (tea sweets) yokan tofu-dango ichaigo daifuku
      Sencha- hot green tea
      Ume o-cha- chilled plum syrup drink

      Please visit http://www.foxvale.org/foxhunt for more information about
      the event, the inn, and the feast as well as the address for pre-reg.
      Hopefully we will see tons of Ayreton people there.

      Lady Verena Entenwirth
      Midlands Regional A&S Champion
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