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6561Pennsic Pelican plans progressing nicely!

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  • Fern
    Jul 29, 2011
      Dear Richard and Verena, and all the other kind volunteers,

      You guys are the best! Thank you so much for the offers to help with Robyyan's vigil!

      Robyyan and I are trying hard to strike a balance between a formal "traditional" vigil, and an easy, laid-back vigil. It is particularly difficult for us since it has been years since we graduated any dependents and set up a traditional vigil. And now we're Olde Pharts, and can't remember everything! All assistance is appreciated!

      As far as I can figure out, here is our "Wish List" for the traditional vigil at the Ayreton camp on Wednesday Aug 10.

      Big tent/ shade fly for visitors in line (Thanks, Richard!)
      Little tent for Robyyan and single guest (Thanks, Richard!)
      Two chairs in little tent
      Small table in little tent to display Pelican regalia, with tablecloth.
      Refreshment stand (table with tablecloth)
      trash basket (Very Important!)

      Supplies for 25-30 visitors (Fern's estimate of the number of non-Ayreton people who will climb the hill in the morning). Plus enough for the Ayreton camp.
      Coffee (Verena, thanks for your kind offer! We are hoping to take the easy route of purchasing coffee, but we may still need your help!)
      Fruit juice
      Food (donuts, muffins,etc)
      Food (fruit?)
      paper plates
      paper cups, insulated for hot drinks
      paper napkins

      1-2 people to maintain the refreshment table
      1 person to greet visitors and organize the waiting line
      1-2 people for honor guards at Robyyan's tent (Is this too formal for a breakfast vigil?)
      2 people for clean-up (VERY IMPORTANT because Robyyan is scheduled for Peer on Duty at 11 am. Robyyan will not be able to help with clean-up as he wishes. And Fern has a Chivalry meeeting at noon, so she is also on a tight schedule.)

      It would be easiest to purchase all the necessary food and supplies, if we can figure out where to buy coffee. Apparently there isn't a Dunkin Donuts nearby, but we're still looking.

      The most important help is with the equipment and the staff. Any additional volunteers, ideas, and advice will be much appreciated!

      Also remember that Robyyan is looking forward to his "non-traditional vigil as a water-bearer with the Ayreton Angels on the battlefield. Please send any other vigil visitors to Robyyan there---he'll be wearing ORANGE so you can find him. There'll be a small amount of setup there, too -- a table for notebook and regalia, and a greeter/line organizer would be good, but probably not more than that.

      thank you so very much! This will be a very special event for Robyyan!

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