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654Re: [Ayreton] Basic Italian Renaissance Dress Workshop

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  • aldyet@broomstich.com
    Feb 22, 2007
      I do beleive Stone Dog inn is on Saturday the 3rd. We purposely placed
      it on Sunday the 4th, so it wouldn't conflict with the Stone Dog Inn
      (which I am very excited to go to)

      Quoting kateslists@...:

      > Umm, did you really mean to schedule this opposite another event in
      > Ayreton. Grey Gargoyles is holding their/our event on March 4.
      > Bojei
      > (who's interested in the pattern)
      > -------------- Original message --------------
      > From: "ldyaldyet" <aldyet@...>
      > But wait it says "Ayreton Fest: An Italian Carnivale" Garb Prep
      > Or
      > Learn how to make a Basic Italian Renaissance Dress that fits!
      > Would you like to go to the Italian Carnivale Ayreton Event in style,
      > but don't have an Italian dress? March 4th, there will be a Basic
      > Italian Renaissance Dress Workshop. Yes!, I said basic! We will be
      > constructing two types of basic simple Italian Dresses that will not
      > only fit correctly, but will allow you to attend the Ayreton event in
      > style. The long waist Italian Ren is perfect for all body types,
      > while the high waisted type is suited for those more endowed in the
      > chest. Both dresses can be made with or without fun Italian Sleeves.
      > Unfortunately, due to the size of the location, there is an 8 person
      > limit, so please RSVP. We also ask that you leave all small creatures
      > at home (including dogs and children)
      > Aldyet Le Chaundeleur & Keiley Duchem
      > The Details
      > What: Italian Ren Female Sewing Day
      > When: March 4th
      > Where: Naperville, IL
      > Limit: 8 people
      > RSVP: By Feb 26th.
      > Session 1: Long Waist Italian Ren Dress: 10 am – 5 pm
      > Session 2: High Waist Italian Ren Dress: 10:30 am- 5 pm
      > Full information, including more detailed yardage requirements will
      > be sent out when you RSVP
      > Session 1:
      > +Long Waist Italian Renaissance Dress
      > *Cost (with corset): $6
      > *Cost (without corset): $15
      > • 5 yards of fabric or 3.5 yards of two complimentary fabrics.
      > Works best with Cotton, brocade, or velvet.
      > • Matching thread
      > • 1 Roll Duck Tape
      > • An old shirt, which can be destroyed
      > • Trim (optional)
      > • Requires an under chemise (not included)
      > Session 2:
      > Short Waist Italian Renaissance Dress
      > *Cost (Back lace): $6
      > *Cost (Side Lace): $7
      > • 2 yards of a "special" fabric & 4 yards of a plain
      > coordinating or complimentary fabric. "Special" works best as velvet,
      > brocade, or geometric print cotton. Plain fabric works best as solid
      > cotton fabric.
      > • Matching thread
      > • 1 Roll Duck Tape
      > • An old shirt, which can be destroyed
      > • Trim (optional)
      > • Requires an under chemise (not included)
      > Additional Information:
      > Please RSVP to Aldyet (aldyet@...) for additional
      > information.
      > When you RSVP, you will receive driving directions, yardage
      > requirements, and other information.
      > If you have a sewing machine, please bring it with you.
      > If you have a particular image/picture of an Italian dress that
      > resembles either of these dresses we will try to the best of our
      > abilities to tailor the dress to the image.
      > We will be ordering sandwiches for lunch, so please bring additional
      > $.
      > + Garment looks best with a corset. Corset directions, patterns, and
      > kits are available as well as custom made corsets available for
      > additional charge. However a corset is not required.
      > * Cost includes grommets, metal stays (boning), and handout
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