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6435Activities for New People at this weekend's upcoming Carnivale.

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  • Verena Entenwirt
    Jul 5, 2011
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      Recently we have been doing a lot of demos, and hopefully our numbers
      have been growing. One of the hardest things at events is to find
      enough engaging things for new people (who are not yet equipped or
      authorized to do other things). Therefore at Carnivale this weekend,
      we will have a full set of activities aimed at keeping those new to
      the SCA engaged.

      These activities include a scavenger-hunt in the site booklet, where
      they are encouraged to get signatures from different types of people
      (Marshals, Knights, Squires, Archers, Cooks, Warders, ext.), as well
      as an SCA themed trivia game. Completed entries will be entered into a
      prize drawing to be awarded that evening*.

      If you have any new members, or people interested in the SCA, please
      encourage them to attend the Carnivale event. Please also be aware
      that there will be extra new people at the event, and that they might
      be coming up to you for an introduction and a signature.

      At the event there will also be authorizations for rapier, combat
      archery, and armored combat. This is the second to last event you can
      authorize at, for those that want to fight at Pennsic.

      Finally, if anyone has spare tokens, favors, beads or the like- this
      would be a great opportunity to give out tokens of appreciation to new
      people, rapier fighters showing prowess for the Baronial Championship
      position, newly authorized fighters, and the like. These are great to
      collect and to use within your “culture” box.

      Lady Verena Entenwirth
      Carnivale Autocrat
      Midlands Regional A&S Champion

      * Competition is open to anyone who has been playing for 2 years or
      less, or who plays occasionally and does not have any SCA awards.
      ** Donations are being accepted for the prize drawing. We are looking
      for items that would be beneficial to new members. Please email me off
      list for more details.
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