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6431BPL demo

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  • Dolores Becker
    Jul 3, 2011
      To everyone who is planning on coming out to Batavia Public Library on Wednesday:  1)  Thank you!  This is the library where I work, so I have an additional interest in putting on a good show here, besides promoting the SCA.  2)  I spoke to Jolene about the set-up, and she said they had decided that we would definitely be indoors due to the nature of some of the activities they had going on with us - our demo will be part of a larger 'Medieval Faire' type event (I wasn't aware of this at the time I set up the demo with Jolene, but I don't think it's a problem).  We will be in the large Meeting Room, where we've staged demos before; we will have several tables along the walls with chairs for us to sit and do our projects or present static displays, and there will be space for things that take up more space (i.e.dancing).  She asked how much time we needed to set up, and I said half an hour should be plenty, so we should have access to the space after 6:30 (no doubt YS will also be in there setting up the stuff that doesn't involve us).  THanks again to everyone who can come out on Wednesday.
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