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640Re: [Ayreton] Re: Ravenslake and/or FoxVale devices

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  • Erick Maxskelly
    Feb 16, 2007
      Foxvale's is awaiting a redraw - the Laurel wreath isn't round enough so it has been bounced. Rest of commentary snipped to stay out of trouble.

      On 2/16/07, David Roland <mystborne@...> wrote:

      Whoops! I accidentally deleted this e-mail instead of approving it.

      Here it is in its entirety from Anton Du Murais.

      "FROM: rapier-anton@...
      DATE: Fri, 16 Feb 2007 13:31:01 -0600
      SUBJECT: RE: [Ayreton] Ravenslake and/or FoxVale devices

      I'm not sure what file size/resolution you are looking for
      in a jpeg, but if the ones Cerian referenced are not going
      to work for you I can get you other files. I've already put
      together an Illustrator file of the Ravenslake devise so I
      can pull you a jpeg at any size. It wouldn't take me that
      long to do the same for fox vale.

      Just let me know, Anton

      Anton du Marais "

      --- In Ayreton@yahoogroups.com, Veronica Berglind <xzeguian@...> wrote:
      > Does anyone have a jpeg of either the Ravenslake or FoxVale devices
      (I don't even know if FoxVale has a registered device yet)? I'm trying
      to get a copy and can't get it from the websites.
      > Thanks.
      > Isabel of Kenniston
      > Chronicler
      > Shire of Rokkehealden
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      > Everyone is raving about the all-new Yahoo! Mail beta.

      Ld. Earik MacSkellie
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      Marshal, Incipient Shire of Foxvale
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