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63973rd Annual Border Skirmish Concert

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  • Kyla
    Jun 27, 2011
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      There are so many ways that so many people helped to make this a superlative event, and while I couldn't possibly name everyone, since I don't even know who they all are, I do want to thank the people I know of!
      Gwendolyn; who put the program together at the last minute, and then printed it herself when the computer thing got hairy.
      Eliane; who helped CnC with a tricky bit of music, and jumped in to perform with us at the last minute.
      Robyyan; who helped keep me sane, when stuff around me was not.
      Ann; who kept us on track and on time, in spite of my confused directions.
      Hilla; who provided such a wonderfull bardic friendly site on Artisan's Row.
      Gianetta and the Pippins; it's always fun to work with you guys.
      Dahrien; whom in spite of already having a full-time job at this event was able to come and share his new song with us while he MCed the concert.
      And last in credits, but not in my heart: Court and Country; who pulled it together in spite of various issues and shone.
      This is what it's about for me, and I thank you all for creating the opportunity for us to shine.
      Tabitha Pennywarden, OPF, OCK, AoA
      Ravenslake, Midlands
      Middle Kingdom
      Court and Country
      Thief of Hearts