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6314Re: [Ayreton] July Musicianship Improvement at Baron's Noyse

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  • Robyyan Torr d'Elandris
    Jun 7, 2011
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      As I'm doing more prep work, I think we're actually going to be working on general musicianship more than technique for any particular instrument.  That said, having some facility on recorder (or some other instrument, or control of your voice) will be necessary for the kinds of ear training exercises we'll be working on.  Looking over the free recorder lessons at http://gc-music.com/Recor.htm will be a pretty good prep, if you're minded to do work ahead of time.  And the recorder will definitely be the default instrument for teaching purposes.
      Robyyan Torr d'Elandris (Dennis R. Sherman)
      Tree-Girt-Sea, Ayreton, Midrealm (Chicago, IL USA)

      From: Verena Entenwirt <verena@...>
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      <snip> Note that while beginners are welcome, this isn't really intended as a beginner  class. We won't be spending as much time on any one topic as I would if beginners were the target audience. This is more intended as a way for people with stale musical skills to refresh them, and to help formalize knowledge people have picked up haphazardly over years of playing. If you're an absolute beginner, talk to me about doing some additional lessons outside the Baron's Noyse time, so you have a better chance of keeping up with the group. <end snip>

      For those of us thinking of joining you, who have recorders and are not absolute beginners, but not quite to the intermediate stage yet- do you have a recommendation of skills or lessons we could do between now and July to brush up?

      Lady Verena Entenwirth
      Midlands Regional A&S Champion

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