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6305Last call - Feast Cooks - Carnivale

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  • Kelli HD
    Jun 5, 2011
      Greetings Ayretonians!

      In case you missed the previous email regarding contributing to feast for Ayreton's upcoming event...Here it is again!

      We already have lots of delicious promises of delectable delicacies...Do we have yours?  If not contact me off list. If you have previously contacted me and NOT gotten a response or a confirmation from me, please contact me again.

      We have plenty of main entrees. I'd love some sides or some sweets. Period(any period, any culture) or period-esque recipes are preferred.

      Not a cook? That's fine, come to the event, have a great time and then enjoy all of the culinary triumphs that Ayreton's cooks have to offer.

      Looking forward to feeding you all!


      Kara Atladottir