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6264Ayreton Rapier Champion

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  • Terry
    May 24, 2011
      We are sorry to announce that the Ayreton Rapier Champion, Lady Gwynn, is relocating to the Far East. We wish her the best and thank her for the hard work and support she has done as the first Ayreton Rapier Champion.
      Unfortunately for us, she will be unable to attend Pennsic due to this. We really should have a Rapier Champion at Pennsic so it is that we are announcing how we shall select that new champion.
      At Ayreton Carnivale, July 9th, all who wish to be considered for the position shall present themselves before us and they will be given a token to wear throughout the day. We encourage all in attendance that day to seek these good gentles out and engage them in conversation or upon the list field. Observe them and see how they comport themselves. Before that days end, let us know who you think would serve best as our next rapier champion.
      The duties of the Ayreton Rapier Champion are as follows:

      Attendance at Baronial Courts
      Encouragement of the rapier community
      Set an example for all
      Serve at the discretion of the baroness/baron (Champions
      Battles/guard duty/schtick)

      Nadezda and Henry
      Baroness and Baron Ayreton