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6186Fw: [Ayreton] Re: Reminder - Demo this Saturday in Elgin

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  • S. Haas
    Apr 22 8:38 AM
      Greetings all!

      I am a current member of the SCA and a resident of Elgin and would be most happy
      to offer hospitality to those coming out for the demo. I live a few blocks from
      the library and would be happy to offer a location for meeting afterwards.

      I haven't been monitoring this email recently or would have extended the
      invitation earlier!

      Yours sincerely,

      Lady Morgause du Foret

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      Subject: [Ayreton] Re: Reminder - Demo this Saturday in Elgin

      i may be able to attend for rapier - but i am not sure yet - ( work wont let me
      know till 3 pm fri) if you can send me some info and location i can try to make
      it out!

      --- In Ayreton@yahoogroups.com, Carrot Khan <carrot.khan@...> wrote:
      > Hello all,
      > Just a reminder to those that are thinking of attending (hint - let me
      > know!) a Demo this Saturday at the Gail Borden library in Elgin. Set
      > up starts around 10:30 with the official library program to open at
      > 12:30
      > Court & Country is on the schedule, starting at 12:30 with the
      > library's faux court at 1:00 pm. The library staff is anticipating
      > their production will take about an hour or so (introducing the summer
      > reading program and the Farmer's Market), leaving us free reign from
      > about 2 pm until the time the library closes at 5:30.
      > There will be ten tables set up (each about six foot) for those that
      > are coming with any A&S projects to display/demonstrate/explain for
      > the crowds, the library asks that cloths long enough to hide the legs
      > be used. Any banners and displays of heraldry are strongly encourage
      > and much appreciated.
      > Fencers are on the schedule as being part of the actual court
      > proceedings, but I have not yet heard if there will be any fencers
      > attending.
      > There is space on the front lawn of the library for the purposes of
      > heavy fighting. At this time I believe we have two heavy fighters
      > attending. We really need fighters as this is a big visual draw. We
      > have a marshal who has already volunteered for heavy.
      > The library bathrooms are roomy enough to change in.
      > Please forward as necessary.
      > yours,
      > Jadwiga Vladescu



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