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  • Margrett Norwoode
    Apr 15, 2011
      I am very willing--I'll be at DucKon anyway as a panelist and it's now located up by me in Schaumburg. I can have displays/demos on calligraphy & illumination, elizabethan costuming, early music (I can sing and play an instrument) and embroidery/handcrafts.
      I would just have to ask them to coordinate it with my panel schedule if we're doing it.



      Demo at Duckon (June 18)

      Posted by: "James McAdams" jmcadams@...   jmcadams2

      Thu Apr 14, 2011 11:07 pm (PDT)

      I've been asked to see if there's interested in Ayreton holding a
      demo at the Duckon science fiction convention in June. The site is the
      Woodfield Hyatt hotel in Schaumburg. The exact schedule is (to the best
      of my knowledge), still somewhat fluid, but ideally they're looking for
      about 2 hours on Saturday afternoon.

      They're asking for both fighting demonstrations and A&S displays.

      The space available is an enclosed courtyard - An area about 40x60
      (my guess) with two large garden beds in it - leaving a 10x20 strip in
      the center, and a walkway around the edges.

      Who is available / interested in attending such a demo?

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