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6150April 23rd -

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  • Carrot Khan
    Apr 7, 2011
      For those thinking about heading out to Elgin's demo at the Gail
      Borden Library, here is some more detail -

      Court & Country have agreed to come out and sing, and are part of the
      schedule as singing at 12:30 prior to the Library's royal procession
      and mini court. This won't be SCA court at all - but part of the
      library's summer reading program. However, having some people to
      stand as honor guards and/or carrying banners - that would certainly
      not come amiss. The more banner/heraldry the better, apparently.

      I have been told there will be a number of tables set up - six foot in
      length - for the purpose of displaying whatever people wish to
      bring/demonstrate/display. There is one wall with a hook system
      already built in so there is some room for hanging displays if there
      items that would be better displayed hung on the wall.

      Supposedly there will be room for fencers inside the library, but I'm
      not sure if they realize how much room you guys might need. I have
      gotten permission to take a chunk of their front lawn for the purpose
      of heavy fighting (if a Marshal shows up!) so that we will be visible
      yet out of the way of foot traffic. A small pavilion can be set up,
      but I need to know before hand the exact dimensions of any
      volunteering so we can be told where its safe to put with and avoid
      sinking a tent peg into either their sprinkler system or a gas line.

      We're not required to shut down and pack up at a certain time,
      according to the library.

      Forward at length, my apologizes for the repeat postings.

      Jadwiga Wlodzislawska