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6135Annual Officer Selection

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  • Sarafina Sinclair
    Apr 3, 2011
      Greetings Ayretonians,
      As per our charter, we are to choose officers annually at the summer populace meeting. Those who are interested in stepping up for an office are encouraged to announce their interest at the spring populace meeting happening next Sunday. This includes current officers who would like to continue on for the upcoming year.
      Here's a listing of the offices and who's currently holding them:
      Seneschal - Mistress Sarafina Sinclair
      Exchequer - Mistress Ghita Alessia
      Minister of Arts and Sciences: Lady Kara Atladottir
      Knights Marshal: Lord Gareth Ostwestly
      Rapier Marshal: Master Christian Fournier
      Archery Marshal: Honorable Lord Wolfram von Waldersbach
      Chatalaine: Lady Ardena Wildflower
      Ayreton Cryer (Chronicler): Lady Margrett Norwoode
      Herald: Honorable Lady Phebe Bonedeci
      Webminister: Mistress Sarafina Sinclair
      Please seek these lovely people out if you have questions about their offices and what is entailed in making them happen.
      In Service,