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6110Re: [Ayreton] Re: Feasting

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  • Jill Elaine Hughes
    Mar 31 10:37 AM

      ---"Actually on this one I would personally have to disagree with you. I know Foxhunt had an amazing Feast last year, and correct me if I am wrong, but it was all cooked outside."

      The Foxhunt feast was indeed great, but that sort of thing is quite rare at an outdoor/camping event.  And that's true across the SCA.  Very few of these types of events have feasts, which makes them all the more special when they do happen.


      What irritates me is when somebody complains about the supposed lack of feasts, when in fact what's happening is really no different than it's been since at least the 80s.  Some events have feasts, some don't.  Just like some events have camping, some don't/some events have tourneys, some don't/some events have archery, some don't.  In truth, there's a lot more choices about what to do/what kinds of events to go to now than there were in years past, and that's a GOOD thing.  (I remember when the only kind of event to go to was a camping event with a heavy weapons tournament, which we non-camping A&S types don't exactly enjoy.)


      And I'll say it again----before you criticize what the volunteers who are running events are doing, be prepared to run an event yourself.



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