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  • Jill Elaine Hughes
    Mar 31, 2011
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      We should also be cognizant of the fact that not only are affordable sites with adequate feast facilities not always available, feast stewards/cooks are not always available, either.  To cook/steward a feast is a tremendous undertaking and often feastocrats don't want to do more than 1 or 2 a year because it's exhausting.  Also, different SCA regions have different traditions.  I grew up in a barony that had a heavy weapons tournament at _every single event_ with at least 50 fighters participating, yet there was very little A&S activity.  Contrast that to here, where there is a ton of A&S and not nearly as much heavy weapons fighting, plus lots of archery and rapier---which were mostly nonexistent when I was growing up in SCA. Sometimes it's just variations in what the locals are interested in and are willing to volunteer to run.
      I really like the idea of a pot-luck populace feast Verena & company came up with for Carnivale, I'm going to bake some bread for it as my own contribution.
      If you think we need more feasts, Margrett, by all means volunteer to be our next feast steward!  There was an old saying in my former barony----if you say you don't like something, you just volunteered to fix it.

      Marissa de Courette

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      I'm not convinced that there's particularly a trend, here-- if we look at recent local events (12th Night, All Soul's), we mostly see "traditional feasts."  The same is true of every upcoming nearby event that I could find (RUM, Rites of Spring, Coronation/3 Saints, Awakenings).

      So, yes: locally we have two events coming up in the next year, both of which will be experimenting to some degree with feast formats, either out of necessity or will-- but I think that's hardly reason to decry the death of traditional feasts...


      On Thu, Mar 31, 2011 at 7:41 AM, Margrett Norwoode <mistressmargrett@...> wrote:

      I've been listening to recent plans for Carnivale and Twelfth Night . . . What I would very much like to know is why the recent trend at local events to NOT have a traditional feast. For some of us, having a feast is what makes an event special and often strongly influences our decision to attend. As a lover and cook of historical foods, I love the opportunity to try new dishes. I especially love that I can do that in a room full of all my friends, with entertainment, fanfare and ceremony. Feast is an experience, not a meal. Why is the trend for that experience to be removed from events? Without that, we might as well run out to a restaurant.


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