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6042Re: [Barony Of Carraig Ban] More information for the April 23rd Demo in Elgin, IL

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  • Rachel Scheffler
    Mar 11, 2011
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      Carraig Ban can provide some weaving, a loom for display, probably some chainmail display as well as several illuminations.    We also have Baronial tabards and a Herald's tabard I could bring.   Although I'm not sure we have  Herald that could attend.   I'll keep looking for more A&S display items.
      The Boys could probably be there for the fighting, I will confirm with them. 

      From: Carrot Khan <carrot.khan@...>
      To: baronyofcarraigban@yahoogroups.com; Ayreton@yahoogroups.com; The Canton of Elv Av Tiden <elvavtiden@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Fri, March 11, 2011 10:05:59 AM
      Subject: [Barony Of Carraig Ban] More information for the April 23rd Demo in Elgin, IL


      Greetings all!

      For those still considering giving time to the Gail Borden Library
      Demo in Elgin on April 23rd, I have some more details for you.

      The library has a morning of scheduled events that are part of the
      Thrones of Summer theme as well as some Easter festivities in the form
      of an Easter Egg hunt. The whole program starts at 9 am in the
      morning and what they hoped to get from us at that is a contingent of
      the very medievally dressed, to be among the crowds. They have their
      own King and Queen for this series of events, along with a little bit
      of their library/court schtick so we are needed in our court best for
      a processional. They could - and would dearly love - the use of one
      of our Heralds and possibly an honor guard. Any and all banners would
      be welcome.

      Any art that could easily be demonstrated without taking too much
      space or leaving a mess would be welcome - anyone who can spin,
      weavers, chain mail, and especially calligraphy and illumination would
      be welcome. The artisans would be in the library so no fear of the
      elements causing problems. Anyone willing to bring one of their
      finished scrolls as part of a display would also be appreciated.
      Musicians also gleefully invited to take part/perform.

      This part lasts until 1 pm and is still being negotiated in where we
      will be most needed and what service we can provide.

      On the side of the library is a gently sloped area large enough to be
      roped off into a list for fencers and heavy. After the official
      proceedings end, the fighting may commence. A request has been made
      for a small pavilion to be set up for a day camp complete with the
      "medieval look" - rugs, chairs, and more banners. This time is now
      ours in terms of demo as the library is no longer on an official
      schedule to promote their summer program.

      What we can arrange between the library and ourselves will depends
      heavily on who/what can be available for the day. Please let me know
      as soon as possible if you are able to attend the demo and what you
      can bring/provide.


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