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6037friends need help

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  • ldyambr@comcast.net
    Mar 9, 2011
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      sent by request of Kharmin

      Greetings, neighbors!

      A friend of mine is in a tricky situation about her pets:
      She's been given 10 days ('til the 18th) to relocate either the animals or themselves. She'd much prefer to move, but still needs to get 'the girls' out of the house.
      Her ideal would be to find someone who will foster them for the month-or-so that moving would take.

      "Ralph" is a 13yo beagle, good with everybody, but she doesn't like to be left alone. "Maxie" is an 11yo 'tattercoat' who is good with dogs and children, but not other cats.

      They're located near LaSalle/Peru, and Lorna will definitely contribute to any costs, but commercial boarding is out of the question.

      If you (or someone you know - this IS all about networking, after all!) are able to help, please contact Jack and Lorna direct:
      jack _ bronstein @ yahoo . com (no spaces).

      Thank you and Bright Blessings!

      Karen J