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6032Call for Judges (and Entrants!) for Regional A&S Faire

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  • Caitriona MacDhonnachaidh
    Mar 7, 2011
      Good Gentles,
      Please forgive the cross posting, and Seneschals, if you do not see this appear
      on your group's e-list, please pass it to your populace.  

      March 19 is the deadline to pre-register for the Midlands regional A&S Faire. 
      Qualified judges are actively being sought.  Please pre-register at the
      following links: 



      We already have more entries preregistered than in the last few years, and that
      is great news!  

      Please remember, the Midlands Regional Thrown Weapon Championship will be
      decided at this event as well. 
      Come join our friends in Swordcliff at Rogue Indulgence and kick off the spring
      event season!  Feast will be at the capable hands of Mistress Genvieve and Lady
      Rowena.  There will be a great day of diversions and frivolity! 
      See you there!

      Midlands Seneschal