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6021Pennsic 40 Known World Party Call for Libations!

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  • Caitriona MacDhonnachaidh
    Feb 20, 2011

      Greetings unto All from THL Caitriona MacDhonnachaidh, Pennsic 40 Known World Party Beverage Monger.

      Good Ladies and Lords,
      Their Royal Majesties of the Middle Kingdom are hosting the Pennsic's 40th Birthday, AKA the Known World Party on the Pennsic Battlefield Tuesday night of War Week..  It is Their wish to showcase the efforts of Beverage Makers throughout the Known World by inviting those individuals that wish to participate to donate some of their brews, vintages and also, period non-alcoholic drinkables would be welcome as well.

      One note, alcoholic beverages may not be paid for with SCA funds due to the regulations governing the Society. 

      If you are interested and/or would please pass this information to your local groups, guilds and beverage-makers, it would be greatly appreciated. 

      Anyone who is interested in donating may contact me at pennsic40party@..., or join the Pennsic 40 Party facebook page.

      Many thanks!
      Known World Party Beverage Monger