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6020Potential Demo

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  • Carrot Khan
    Mar 1, 2011

      I'm putting out a call to save the date for a potential demo in Elgin
      on April 23rd at the Gail Borden Library. I understand that, as the
      Saturday of Easter weekend, it might be tough for a lot of people to
      find the time, but maybe we can get a few of us out for this new
      audience! I will have more details within the week as we meet with
      library personnel to find out how much space we have to work with
      (indoors and/or out) and what they hope to see us showcase. This demo
      is in conjunction with the library's medieval-themed summer program -
      including public art around the city and the 4th of July parade.


      If nothing else, a Adirondack chair painted up with Baronial arms
      (either one!) on a public street is a very nice way to advertise our

      Please forward as necessary to other local groups.