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6003Belated congratulations on awards recieved in our Barony

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  • BaronessBaron Ayreton
    Feb 21 2:42 PM
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      Now that all have finally actually received their awards, we'd like to offer our congratulations to the following on awards received as noted:
      At 12th Night:
      Annais von Koeslin Award of Arms (Rose Tourney 11 Sept 10,given at 12th Night)
      Margrett Norwoode Order of the Willow
      Alex of Grey Gargoyles Award of Arms
      Tacit Darby Order of the Evergreen
      Adam Trent Purple Fret
      Therrix Award of Arms
      Michael Ashley Order of the Purple Fret
      Liam of Galway Award of Arms
      Marissa de Courette Order of the Purple Fret
      Pomeroy de Machaut Award of Arms
      Emily of Grey Gargoyles Award of Arms
      Heather Marie Hall Order of the Willow
      Azar\ elis Hywel Award of Arms
      Philippa of Otterbourne Dragons Heart
      Etienne le Couteau des Roches Order of the Pelican
      At Maidens:
      Jocelyn of Lutterworth Order of the Laurel
      Hroki Hrodmundarson Award of Arms
      Joan the Reeve Award of Arms
      The Thieves of Hearts Award of the Dragons Flight
      Elaine Ladd Order of the Silver Oak
      Louis Xavier de Navarre Order of the Silver Oak
      At Better War Through Archery:
      Rhys Cynydd Award of Arms
      At Val Day:
      Master Philip White Order of the Pelican
      And a special congratulations to Marissa de Courette on being complimented by Baroness Milicent as doing an excellent job on her first royal court, also to Margrett Norwoode who did an amazing job heralding at RUM. Further, thank you to Herr Alexander Adelbrecht von Markelingen who assisted us at 12th night. It is a huge boon to us to have so many wonderful, loud and clear voice heralds in our midst!
      One new  baronial position that should be noted. Countess Sir Fern has been made Baronial Court Jester during feast at 12th Night in recognition of her valued advice, and ability to share it with grace and humor. This means she is our only sanctioned heckler. Any others must answer to our champions and/or Sir Fern, being that one of her tools of offiice an sca legal dagger, even if it is adorned with a bear. Ask her about the bear. It's worth it.
      Thank you to THL Phebe for supplementary information.
      Congratulations to you all. You bring great honor to our fair Barony--Huzzah!
      THL Nadezda ze Zastrizl, Sgt Henry of Exeter
      Baroness, Baron Ayreton