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5990A request from the Baron and Baroness

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  • BaronessBaron Ayreton
    Feb 14, 2011

      Greetings unto the Citizens of Ayreton,


          As winter has forced us all to spend more time inside, we have had our thoughts ease into day dreams.  It is from these musings that we find ourselves asking for your help with the following:


      Creation of a Gift Basket for Coronation.  From the Midrealm Website “HRH are both of 10th Century Norse/Scandinavian personas and prefer natural fibers.      Greens, reds,blues, yellows (Arch likes orange and other bright colors, but not pastels).  HRH Runa and the coming blood heir do not wear/like pink.”


      TRH have also asked if Ayreton would be willing to make them garb for Pennsic opening ceremonies.  Preferably in red and white.


      We have also come up with our a short wish list of items we could use some help with.


      Photos of Ayreton activities/people for Cafe Press calendar (proceeds to go to the Ayreton Angels)

      Tabard/surcoat – specifically for the baron/baroness.  To include the Ayreton Arms.

      Tabards/sucoats – for the archers/fighters/etc.


      If you would like to donate time and/or material for any of the above, or just have a question or suggestion, please contact us off list at ayretonbaronessbaron@... 


      Note that the cost of certain materials may be reimbursable, so please do not let that hold you back. Also, some materials may either be on hand already or best bought in bulk, so we’d like to be able to help coordinate where we can.


      In service,

      THL Nadezda ze Zastrizl,  Sgt Henry of Exeter
      Baroness, Baron Ayreton

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